European Early Childhood Education Movement Experts (EECEME)

The Local Action Group LAG AGRO LIDER is part of the European Movement of Early Childhood Development Experts project (EECEME), supported by the European Commission, Erasmus + Support for strategic partnerships in the field of sports.

LAG Agro Leader in partnership with CSI-Italy, KSB Rhein-Erft-Kreis Germany, SCF-Italy, IASIS-Greece, SSF-Spain, BEST-Austria, organizations with proven experience actively working in the field of sports and child development will work on the development of good practices that will be presented and implemented in institutions/organizations for early childhood development at local, national and European level.

By involving children (0-6 years) in physical activities designed to provide physical activity and social values, ​​will ensure that an active and healthy lifestyle is integrated into the lives of young children.

Aim of the project - Creation of a EUROPEAN TRAINING PROGRAM for different types of professionals working in institutions/organizations for early childhood development and education of young children.


implementation of the project will enable the achievement of the desired results, through

- Research
- Development of training materials for educators to strengthen their professional competencies in the field of sports
- International and local training
- Evaluation of the impact of training programs
- A guide to good practices

The project will enable trans-national and cultural cooperation through communication and international meetings with a focus on analysis and selection of best practices in the field of sports and early childhood development, followed by training and a guide to good practices for educators working in the field of early childhood development. The implementation of the identified good practices will contribute to the improvement of the motor activity of children aged 0-6 years, and will improve the knowledge and skills of the educators who work with them.