EU LEADER Approach to Integrated Area Development and Rural Prosperity in North Macedonia

As multi-sectoral approach that involves broad spectrum of areas and stakeholders, the LEADER approach is based on the EU’s rural development policies, enabling participation, equitable territorial development and socio-economic progress of rural areas. Implementation of the LEADER approach in the Republic of North Macedonia is still facing numerous challenges that slow down implementation of the LEADER approach as bridge between local and national actors and the EU institutions.

In order to diagnose current status of the LEADER approach and position of local action groups, in the period October-November 2021, the LAG Network - in cooperation with its members, i.e. local action groups - used the SWOT tool (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to analyse the legal framework and concept of the LEADER programme, as well as the situation with local action groups, as baseline for assessment of needs and opportunities for implementation of the LEADER measure “Local Development Strategies and Sustainable Development of Local Action Groups”.